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Max’s beginnings in photography were informal; consisting of photographing disused buildings in and around Brooklyn with no understanding of how to use his camera. He was instantly fixated on the craft and used the city as his subject when he was not working or attending school. Max stumbled upon the core concepts of photography through self-discovery; often leading to sudden unforgettable epiphanies as he developed what he felt was already a strong sense of light and space. This was later paired with everything Google had to offer. Max’s style and technical process was formed independently but to this day is refined by analyzing a range of workflows and pairing what works best.

His impulse to see everything in the city’s five boroughs fueled his intense interest in photography, and vice-versa. After some amusingly self-disciplined years he graduated from Baruch’s Zicklin School of Business with a degree in entrepreneurial management and no certificate where he felt he progressed most—photography. His photography school was and is one of concept, which he never graduates but continues to reap lessons. For Max everyday is a new space to photograph and new opportunity to learn.

Fast-forward several years and he still photographs old ignored buildings but now Max works with leading architects, designers and builders to also shoot some of today’s most impactful projects. To date, Max has been hired to photograph over 1,000 spaces in just Manhattan — homes and offices, restaurants and bars, theatres and museums, airports and train stations — and much more across the boroughs and the world. He gives special attention to each client and it shows. Curbed, Turner Construction, and the New York Public Library are among many who request his services regularly, and each job is specially tailored to impress. He has photographed most of NYC’s recent mega-projects, including the World Trade Center, Hudson Yards, the new Whitney Museum and the under-construction Rockefeller University and MoMA expansions.

Max is an architectural, interiors and editorial photographer. His assignments vary from quick-turnaround editorial work to formal architectural photography projects of new or historic spaces. Max occasionally travels for work but his love for photography goes hand-in-hand with that of New York City, so his favorite places are only a subway ride away.

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